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These pages are a selection of CMI work samples. For specific examples of work experience, please contact us so we may send you a link of samples tailored to your needs.
   Crystal Mckenzie, Inc
Throughout its history, the firm has maintained a level of quality and a commitment to delivering customer value that has made it one of the most respected firms in the field. We are a young-thinking agency full of creative imagination and enthusiasm.

CMI creates and manages Marketing Communications programs and projects for our clients. Whether it is communicating information using cutting-edge technology, using state-of-the-art creativity to influence and affect others, brand management skill-sets or cost-effective ideas that matter the most to you, the CMI team has what it takes to communicate your message.

Over the years, CMI has gained a reputation within the corporate community for consistently producing exceptional creative work for a wide range of clients. What is not always clearly understood and recognized, however, is how we go about producing the work. More importantly, what the direct correlation is between the creative work we've done and our clients end results. There really is no magic formula. Rather, it is the result of the proper and delicate balance between the right strategy and the right implementation. While some firms excel at developing a sound strategy for a client, they fall short in the creative execution. Others, whose execution is arresting, choose to communicate something irrelevant or unimportant, which, therefore, does not motivate the audience. CMI is proud to have assembled over the years a group of people whose talents for deciding what to emphasize is equally as good as choosing how to emphasize it.

Our experience has given us a unique perspective on today's dynamic marketplace; a perspective that helps us create an effective programs based on sound, informed, strategic thinking. Moreover, a perspective that gives us the insight to prepare communications with just the right degree of "friendly persuasion" to cohere people to act. CMI will help you get inside your key-stakeholder's minds. What are their priorities? How can you link their needs and preferences with your objectives and capabilities? Based on these answers, we'll work with you to create a solution that delivers everything your key stakeholder's want: information and services, advice and tools, immediacy and mobility.

Complexity empowers users -- but that does not mean it has to show. We have special insight into the capabilities and constraints of technology. That is why we specialize in packaging and delivering complexity in ways that make it more quickly understandable, accessible and appealing to the user. At CMI, we provide recommendations relating to all key areas. Specific strategies are outlined in order to develop a pragmatic and usable blueprint for the project.

CMI solutions focus on the essential ingredients for success. Success for our people means not just being a full-service consultant, but entering into a partnership with your organization to provide the most cost-effective response to your needs.

Having worked on numerous diversified projects and Programs in the past, our core services provide a sharper competitive edge for our clients.

At CMI, we provide recommendations relating to all key areas. Specific strategies are outlined in order to develop a pragmatic and usable blueprint for the program.