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The Brand Gap


This is an updated version of the 2003 presentation. We so much respect the thinking in this Neumeier document, that we felt it has stood the test of time, but could be brought up to date with contemporary details, like the Features / Benefits Timeline, Interbrand™ Brand Valuation and more. Used with permission.

The Brand Gap is a book brought to us by the author, designer and brand advisor Marty Neumeier. The Brand Gap’s fundamentals are about creating and sustaining a brand identity that resonates across every aspect of a business. The Brand Gap presents a unified theory of branding by identifying a set of five disciplines that allow companies to bridge the gap between brand strategy and brand execution. The Brand Gap is a worthwhile read for both students of marketing, design and business as well as for entrepreneurs, Branding officers and CEOs.

About the author:

Marty Neumeier is an American author and speaker who writes about brand, design innovation and creativity. Neumeier is also Director of CEO Branding for San Francisco-based brand consultancy, Liquid Agency, where he helps companies build their brands.

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