BARNARD COLLEGE: Experiential Design

 photo courtesy: Weiss Manfredi

CANALSIDE, BUFFALO: Interactive Design

 photo courtesy: Perkins Eastman

CCFL: Marketing Communications




PA NY & NJ, NEWARK AIRPORT: Experiential Design

 photo courtesy: Grimshaw Architect

Corning Museum of Glass: Experiential Design

 photo courtesy: CMOG

MTA ESI4: Experiential Design

 photo courtesy: MTA NY


Albany International Airport: Experiential Design

 photo courtesy: Albany International Airport

Barnard College: Experiential Design

  photo courtesy: Weiss Manfredi

CANALSIDE, BUFFALO: Interactive Design

CCFL: Marketing Communications


EWR AIRPORT: Experiential Design

photo courtesy: Grimshaw Architects

CMI Experiential Design

Two and Three-Dimensional Forms and Graphics, Signage for the built environment including wayfinding systems, architectural graphics, signage, exhibit design, pictogram design, retail and store design, mapping, and themed environments.


CMI Branding

A company’s brand identity is a unique set of associations that a brand aspires to maintain with its customer, associations that should represent the strategic goal for the brand.

CMI Interactive Design

CMI has a 9-step process using a proprietary CMI Interactives Development Matrix™ to achieve results in the interactive environment.

CMI Marketing Communications

Corporate communications are a critical internal function, and the design of these internal messages goes a  long way toward establishing and strengthening a company image from the inside out.

Master Wayfinding and Signage design for the National Museum of the U.S. Army facility and site-wide exterior.


NY State Erie County Development Council (NYSEDC) embarked on a plan to revitalize the Canalside Buffalo recreation park in preparation for the 150th Anniversary of the Erie Canal…