Ask For Your Life

Rich or poor, educated or not, insured and uninsured – inequality in healthcare for people of color affects all socioeconomic levels. AFYL seeks to remove these disparities through online communications and events. CMI developed the brand and website to launch this Patient Safety Advocacy organization.

Dear CMI,

I am writing to express my whole hearted appreciation for your support over the years. I have thought many times how good it is to have you “in my corner”.  Now that the organization, birthed two years ago, is on its feet I am thanking everyone in my village.  You will see more expressions of gratitude from me and the org in our newsletter and on social media. Of course mentioning you and CMI.

Black Coalition for Safe Motherhood has made great strides in 2022. Our programs have been validated by post Workshop surveys, we have formed partnerships with birth workers and Black Maternal Health orgs, and we recently received grant funding that will enable us to reach the next level. Our team is still a small group of volunteers and there is much work to do, but the future for promoting ACTT in Black communities nationwide and beyond looks bright.

With Gratitude,

Leslie Farrington, MD

Cofounder and Vice President, Black Coalition for Safe Motherhood