JFK IAT Terminal 4, Airport Construction Barrier

Construction projects have a major, high-visibility impact on surrounding communities. Residents, businesses and passers-by quite reasonably want to know what is being done, when it will be done, how they will be affected, and when it will all end. Owners, GCs and CMs are now recognizing opportunities to maximize their brand equity by managing public perception in a pro-active, cost-effective, high-visibility manner.

JFK IAT Airport Construction Barrier answered these questions and more through an overall strategy to accommodate community contention and by taking steps to mitigate the impact of construction. We turned an emotionally charged shouting match between Construction Project officials and frustrated residents who believed the project was a done deal from “we refuse to understand,” into “we understand.” CMI turns “We were told nothing” into “we were part of the decision-making process.”


JFK IAT Community Outreach Components

CMI turned a lack of understanding and information about the project into a hub of branded activities including engaging construction barrier programs, web site development, video news releases, press kit, direct response, marketing materials development and implementation, freeing up valuable client resources to focus on construction. EGD JFK World-class airport builders and developers LCOR, Inc. and Schiphol USA, Inc. wanted to position Terminal 4 as innovative and state-of-the-art for the delivery of customer services and customer satisfaction. Communications were targeted to key stakeholders: local government, VIPs, suppliers, and prospective tenants. They included a real estate prospectus to potential terminal tenants; newsletters, project brochures that led to opening event communications, VIP invitations and further interior signage and mapping, and terminal brochures.