New York Power Authority

Sustainability on the Move™, a self-contained mobile exhibit that travels to NY-State-designated Environmental Justice (EJ) K-12 school locations throughout the state to advocate for and make aware the knowledge and benefits of generating and conserving electricity.

CMI designed the logo for the SOTM initiative and showed how it should be applied to the electric vehicle wrap. CMI researched several vehicle alternatives before deciding on the Ford Transit EV.

Energy 101: Electricity Generation

Electricity Rap
Rap about electricity and electric safety written for elementary school children.

The iPad connected to BrainPOP™, a group of educational websites with over 1,000 short animated movies for students in grades K-12, together with quizzes and related materials, covering the subjects including science, math, engineering and technology.

Renewable vs Non-renewable Energy Sources
This quick stop motion film asks & answers the question what makes an energy source renewable or nonrenewable. The material was originally made for middle school students learning about energy.

Where energy comes from
Where does gas and electricity come from?
This short film explains how energy from its source is delivered around the country.

Energy Conservation for Kids – Lighting
This short video explains the usefulness of CFL bulbs compared to incandescent bulbs using computer-animated characters.

The animated videos were sourced from around the world and required permissions and video editing for style and content.

Also included were two free-standing, interactive 30 x 40-inch exhibit panels that described the components of an electric vehicle and the cos effectiveness of various types of light bulbs.

The initial plan was quite ambitious to use a larger vehicle, but the personal and maintenance requirements dictated a smaller vehicle.  It was originally designed to be managed by a team of two NYPA staff, but it soon developed into a 3-person, and 5-person sortie plan that includes instructions for volunteer staff / resources from the school / venue. CMI developed a project matrix to address changes in the programs and troubleshoot issues that might come up with user and technology changes.