One Hundred Black Men

OHBM Website

The current site features, in addition to contact, donate and social media links are:

  • video home page, that expresses the vibrancy of the New York City community (videos of the 5-boroughs will be rotated periodically on the site to provide fresh look and a “that’s my ‘hood” shout-out to all constituents);
  • on-site recognition of our founding legacy, key members, leadership and staff,
  • detailed programs and activities establish credibility within the sponsor, business and member community.


After launch, Phase 2.0 will add content for Publications, In the News and possibly ecommerce to increase the OHBM profile and reach within the community and be a resource to members, sponsors and constituents.

OHBM Branding

One Hundred Black Men of New York (OHBM) needed a brand refresh to cohere their look across multiple communications. Change and refine the originally hand-drawn logo seal into a computer compatible file. Develop brand guidelines for applications to key communication vehicles (stationery, promotional flyers, community impact sheets, and event branding promotions). The purpose is to develop a consistent, cohesive look that can be duplicated by staff, other suppliers and contributing authors to the organization, thus saving time, resources and money.

OHBM Day of the One Hundred Event Branding

Strength and elegance were combined in the elegant italic typographic expression of “Day of…” and “Gala” in contrast to the strong sans serif letters in all caps, recalling the OHBM capitals of the iconic 60s open doors seal. It would be a day of service planned well in advance of uncertain times — politically and within a then-raging pandemic. Would the pendulum of events swing red or blue and how would the organization create an alternate excitement about its mission? The sparks were borne out of a concern for the representation of hard, laborious work to be done in our communities as well as a metaphor for the celebration of the accomplishments achieved and the pursuit of even hire goals received from the lift of sponsors.