CANALSIDE, BUFFALO: Interactive Design

 photo courtesy: Perkins Eastman

Corning Museum of Glass: Experiential Design

 photo courtesy: CMOG

CCFL: Marketing Communications


BARNARD COLLEGE: Experiential Design

 photo courtesy: Weiss Manfredi



PA NY & NJ, NEWARK AIRPORT: Experiential Design

 photo courtesy: Grimshaw Architect

MTA ESI4: Experiential Design

 photo courtesy: MTA NY


Albany International Airport: Experiential Design

 photo courtesy: Albany International Airport

Barnard College: Experiential Design

  photo courtesy: Weiss Manfredi

CANALSIDE, BUFFALO: Interactive Design

CCFL: Marketing Communications


EWR AIRPORT: Experiential Design

photo courtesy: Grimshaw Architects

CMI Experiential Design

Two and Three-Dimensional Forms and Graphics, Signage for the built environment including wayfinding systems, architectural graphics, signage, exhibit design, pictogram design, retail and store design, mapping, and themed environments.


CMI Branding

A company’s brand identity is a unique set of associations that a brand aspires to maintain with its customer, associations that should represent the strategic goal for the brand.

CMI Interactive Design

CMI has a 9-step process using a proprietary CMI Interactives Development Matrix™ to achieve results in the interactive environment.

CMI Marketing Communications

Corporate communications are a critical internal function, and the design of these internal messages goes a  long way toward establishing and strengthening a company image from the inside out.

After successfully completing a prior project together, an exhibit and signage fabricator asked us to help them develop a brand-new company name and, launch a new product line that would be its own entity.


NY State Erie County Development Council (NYSEDC) embarked on a plan to revitalize the Canalside Buffalo recreation park in preparation for the 150th Anniversary of the Erie Canal…


Master Wayfinding and Signage design for the National Museum of the U.S. Army facility and site-wide exterior.